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Happy Birthday Ian Harding! (September 16, 1986)


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  • HollywoodLife: Hello, “A.” How’s it going?
  • Ian: Pretty good, I’m just making lunch.
  • HL: Is it a sinister lunch?
  • Ian: Why, yes. It’s the blood of children and the tears of a virgin.

'Pretty Little Liars': 'A' Mastermind Sounds Off on Shocking Summer Finale Reveal

THR: What was your first reaction?

Harding: I was super excited. There’s only so much they can do with Mr. Fitz, the character, because it’s all about the girls. The fact that he was going to take a bit of a sharp turn in the opposite direction and defy expectations, I was super excited to get into that. Somebody asked me the other day, “Is this painful for you? Do you feel like you’re letting folks down?” And no, I don’t. I think it’s a whole new side to Mr. Fitz and it’s a whole lot of fun for me to play. 

THR: Does this reveal make sense to you? There had been speculation even from the start of the show that Ezra had some connection to “A” because everything started to happen once he came into town.

Harding: Yeah, I suspected it. From the word go. It was too convenient for him to just be Aria’s love interest. It’s too convenient that I’m just kind of there and all this stuff that’s happening to me, but I’m not really connected to it all. I was suspecting it even from several seasons ago. It was not really a shock, more of they told me this is how it’s going to go and I said, “Great, it’s about time.”X