“We have to think!”
The Good Wife (4x15) - Going For The Gold

The Good Wife   Eli Gold   Elsbeth Tascioni   

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The Good Wife   Eli Gold   David Lee   

The Good Wife   Eli Gold   

“Peter hit Kresteva.”

The Good Wife   Eli Gold   Alicia Florrick   Peter Florrick   Mike Kresteva   

The Good Wife   Peter Florrick   Eli Gold   

Eli Gold   Kalinda Sharma   The Good Wife   

4x14 Red Team/Blue Team

4x14 Red Team/Blue Team

The Good Wife   Alicia Florrick   Cary Agos   Elsbeth Tascioni   Diane Lockhart   Eli Gold   Will Gardner   

The Good Wife   Elsbeth Tascioni   Eli Gold   

The Good Wife   Eli Gold   Jordan Karahalios   Elsbeth Tascioni   

The Good Wife   Alicia Florrick   Eli Gold   lmao   Alicia and Eli