Cary looking at Grace was the creepiest thing ever. WTF Cary?

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Happy Birthday Matt Czuchry!

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#it’s so ridiculously selfish and self destructive and I love it so much? #she doesn’t choose will she doesn’t choose peter #she chooses alicia #and in the end isn’t this what the show has always been about? #it’s about alicia choosing alicia #time and time again #when she chose will in season three it was about choosing herself #she didn’t want him to meet her kids #she just wanted him to want her #and when she chose peter in season 4 it was about herself again #about choosing the best life for herself and for her kids #and now when faced with a man who will never be right for her #and a man who promises never to lie to her but instead lies to the people #alicia looks both choices in the eye and chooses herself #I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW

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Cary Agos|season 4

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No, but seriously, am I the only one thoroughly annoyed that any time a guy gets shot down by Kalinda, they automatically think it’s “because of women”? UGH.

First Nick, now Cary? Sorry fellas, but your dicks aren’t special snowflakes that Kalinda wants to stick her tongue out to catch.

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4x14 Red Team/Blue Team

4x14 Red Team/Blue Team

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The Good Wife alphabet


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