Can we talk about this parallel for a minute? Both women lost their daughters in the same way – robbery gone bad. Both had to suffer through the death of their child. But they did it in totally opposite ways. Steve’s mother chose to end the cycle of violence and fought against the use of the death penalty.  Even after knowing that the boy had killed her daughter, she couldn’t imagine another mother having to lose her child. Though she could not forgive, she wanted the pain to stop.  But H.G. let it grow inside her.  She hunted down the men who killed her daughter and took their lives in return. The anger and pain that Emma Jinks fought against had consumed H.G.  And she had no mercy left within her. Both women acted as they saw fit to lessen the anguish inside them. But nothing could ever be the same for either. Such an underrated parallel. 

Warehouse 13   Claudia Donovan   Helena Wells   Emma Jinks   Jaime Murray   Allison Scagliotti   of course there are difference too   but i love this parallel   *mine   
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    And in my eyes, they both found a second daughter in Claudia Donovan. ♥
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